Michael Seibel stage director Theatre Opera & Education SEE MY PRODUCTIONS TONIGHT: LOLA BLAU MORE INFORMATION In Tonight: Lola Blau, Georg Kreisler, the master of black humour, describes the life of the singer Lola Blau. Seeking her love, the young Jewess emigrates in the thirties from Vienna to America, from where she returns as a stage star after the war. A love story sung for the most part, embedded in pitch-black, biting, profound humour. Simply a Georg Kreisler fantasy! BACK TO OVERVIEW DIDO AND AENEAS MORE INFORMATION Carthage, in mythical time. The hero Aeneas, who escaped from burning Troy and reached North Africa with his ships across the Mediterranean Sea, meets the beautiful Queen Dido. Love fills her - and yet they do not come together as fate calls. Aeneas moves to Italy to found a new empire, while the abandoned Dido has no way out but... BACK TO OVERVIEW THE WORLD UP AND DOWN MORE INFORMATION The World up and down reflects Bertolt Brecht's view of the state of the world. Bertolt Brecht alienated as a woman, sings, plays, dances and poetically reflects on what the world was, is and should be... BACK TO OVERVIEW MELODENIA POLITEIA MORE INFORMATION In a world where evil rules, embodied by the black witch Falstadura, the fairy Melodenia tries to influence the children's world through her songs and to break the power of the black witch over the children. Faltsadura puts everything on one card and kidnaps the children. Perhaps an European version of the rat catcher of Hamelin... BACK TO OVERVIEW HUMAN BEANS MORE INFORMATION A couple is cut off from the environment in a mountain station full of canned beans. Both fight hopelessly and ironically for their freedom. As things come to a head, a second couple suddenly appears out of nowhere, showing them the solution to their situation. The reason for the canned beans seems to be revealed… BACK TO OVERVIEW PASSAGES MORE INFORMATION The future socio-political labeling project takes us to 2125 AD. On planet Earth, renamed Pandaia, it survives under the command of a group of Commanders led by the Director. People are part of an experiment that pushes them to their tolerable limits. Everyone is ready to do anything for their survival, even extinguishing each other. BACK TO OVERVIEW ORPHÉE ET EYRIDICE MORE INFORMATION Eyridice is dead, a fact that man and artist Orpheus cannot accept. He demands her back. In fact, the beauty of art and its border-breaking power knocks the weapons out of the hands of death and the guards of the dead. Eurydice may return to life. But what in the myth was Orpheus' longing but deadly look back at his lover behind him is Gluck's suspicion that Orpheus does not look at her because he no longer loves her. Amor, has staged everything to test Orpheus, and Eurydice lives. The gods do not trust people, and vice versa. BACK TO OVERVIEW THE ABDUCTION OF THE SERAGLIO MORE INFORMATION The fairy tale of the dream that man and woman are eternally true to each other, told again and again since time immemorial, is a parable that knows no standstill. Those who believe they can make themselves at home in the seraglio are deprived of all security, and every glance lets the familiar appear in a new light. This isn't about Turkish pasha, Spanish noblemen and violent harem guards. Love and loyalty, marriage and honour are put to the test that throws all oriental clichés overboard and tries to penetrate to the core of the material. BACK TO OVERVIEW THE WALTZ OF THE TREES AND THE SKY MORE INFORMATION Summer 1890. Vincent van Gogh arrives in a secluded village with stunning views and special people. Within forty days he will paint seventy of his top paintings, masterpieces that will change the course of painting, art, philosophy and literature. Marguerite Gachet, the daughter of the famous Van Gogh therapist, is a young girl who suffocates women and artists from rational society in the narrow context. Marguerite will be the last love of Van Gogh's life. Putting them together will affect the lives of both forever. BACK TO OVERVIEW L’ELISIR D’AMORE MORE INFORMATION The humorous melodrama L 'elisir d' amore is one of the most seductive jewels of the 19th century comic opera and one of Gaetano Donizetti's finest creations. The work is overflowing with inspiration and freshness and stands out for the immediacy of the melody, the successful characterization of the persons, and the touching tenderness with which the composer approaches archetypal figures and situations which are valid until today. BACK TO OVERVIEW THE NAME OF THE ROSE MORE INFORMATION Middle Ages, 14th century. A Franciscan monk is called to a secluded Benedictine monastery to solve a mysterious death. His arrival, however, triggers a series of murders that seem to be linked to a rare book: the second volume of Aristotle's Poetics, written for Comedy. And as one murder follows another, an emissary of the Inquisition arrives at the monastery, ready to send to the stake those who do not comply with the letter of the ecclesiastical laws. A powerful detective story, but also a historical re-enactment of an era. BACK TO OVERVIEW IL POSTINO MORE INFORMATION Postman comes to life taking us to Pablo Neruda's Chile and specifically to Isla Negra. There, the poet finds himself in the shadow of drastic political developments, until the moment he is nominated for the presidency of the country. Young Mario, on the other hand, wishes to escape his small, restrictive society and forge his own path. Fate places him as the poet's personal courier and the two men develop an unexpected but deep friendship. While their poetic conversations are initially limited to matters of the heart and the younger man's desire for the beautiful Beatrice, their relationship takes on a political and social nature. A performance about the relationship between two seemingly disparate men under the shocking Chilean history. BACK TO OVERVIEW